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My Miracle Baby has a humble beginning with a mother who still wants to earn her keep and wanting to be ‘always there for her two miracle babies’ in 2004. It has evolved from selling a few unique products to a few stores to an established distribution network that include an enhanced webpage with an e-commerce platform, blog and facebook page.

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My Miracle Baby
R min tattoo love
A mother's Love is always so true and real.....
This video never failed me. I always cry every time I watch it.
My Miracle Baby shared R min tattoo love's video.
Hope all papas and mamas have had a good night sleep like me for the new week! Can't sleep better without my Kaloo Les Amis Vanille Sheep @estherachel #kaloo @kaloo_baby #sleepbaby #mymiraclebaby #doll #sheep 1 comments Esther Rachel 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻
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