Fedora C0 Car Seat

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Fedora C0 Car Seat

As for the first picnic for children, Fedora C0 Car Seat provides safety and comfort to children and convenience to parents.

Age: Newborn (3.5kg) ~ 12 months (10kg)
Size: 44cm (H) X 74cm (D) X 33.5cm (W)
Weight: 2.9kg
Length of Car Seat Belt Required: More than 210cm for Rear Facing

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Why Choose Fedora C0 Car Seat

Baby Carriers

It makes newborns go outings with portable and fashionable features.

Baby Bouncers

It provides some space like a cradle.

Travel System

You can enjoy the convenient and active life by using Travel System which is compatible with car seats and strollers.

Detailed View

Triple head protection

A cushion of inner Seat in a car seat minimizes the shock to the newborns through the shock absorption.

Baby chair

When you go out with a newborn, you can use some features like a bouncer, a cradle or a baby chair.

Smart and easy belt

It is available to install rear-facing with smart and easy belt and to do forward-facing with secure ring.

Side padding cushion

Side and head cushions provides the balance to the babies for extra safety.

5-point safety belt

Ideal 5-points safety belt without any shaking is applied for the most perfect baby protection.

Basket-shaped design

The design enables you to move with your baby easily in a car seat.

Safety Certification

Certified from KC and ED and proved safety.

Streamlined seat

Streamlined and C-shaped seat structure makes newborns comfortable.

Introduction Video Of Fedora C0 Car Seat

Video & Manual of Fedora C0 Car Seat