Chris is a life-style blogger and she blogs a lot about cooking. Chris lives in Singapore and love to cook.

She started her blog in June 2013 when she quits her job in the corporate, banking world (which paid her decent salary) to care full time for her aunts who are (now) 76 and 80. They’ve never been married and have taken care of her since she was a little girl. She has always been a bit unconventional, and she loves digital media, writing, cooking, and her aunts; and she knew she had to do something for them while she still can.You can earn back the money, but time lost is forever.

So she quits.

A year on, she is now back to the workforce doing something totally unrelated to banking. She writes for a living and is thankful for the second chance. The money’s not as good as compared to the bank, but she feel like she hasn’t let herself down, and one can’t put a price tag to that.

She used to keep to a weekly grocery bill of $30 for two meals a day Monday to Friday, for 3-4 people. It was hard but surprisingly not impossible, and she loves a challenge! She has put chicken, fish, pork, soup, tofu, vegetables, home versions of hawker food, Chinese and Western style dishes on the table. If she could do it, so can anyone!

When she is not cooking, she explores eating places and go to the supermarket with her better half, check out new kitchen appliances, go vintage treasure hunting and do travel planning for family and friends. She loves researching travel destinations, connections, accommodation and itineraries, and has travelled to many Asian countries, North American states and European cities.

Chris is now a mother and these are some questions that we asked her.