Fedora L3 Stroller

Fedora L3

Fedora L3 Stroller

Fedora L3 Stroller freshens up your life with an easy-to-begin journey!

Age: Newborn ~ 48 months
Weight: 5.9kg
Size: 1069cm (H) X 810cm (D) X 560cm (W) – Unfold
666cm (H) X 273cm (D) X 560cm (W) – Fold

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Why Choose Fedora L3 Stroller

01 One-Touch Compact Size Folding

The simple folding and unfolding of the stroller and improved portability allow you to go anywhere with it.

02 Shoulder Belt Carrier

Use the shoulder belt that is connected to the folded stroller so as to free your hands for other activities.

03 One-Touch Double Brake

The one-touch double brake that operables separately on each side is easy and convenient to manipulate.

Detailed View

Hand Carrier

Since it is lighter than the conventional 6kg-range strollers, it is easy to carry around after folded.

Seat Angle Adjustment

The angle of the seat can easily be adjusted using the strap.

Footrest Angle Adjustment

The adjustable footrest can be altered in two different steps, fitting the baby’s posture.

Canopy Adjustment

The length of the canopy can be adjusted according to the weather condition.

Auto Swivel Lock

Fixed front wheels allow stable operation regardless of the road conditions and wheels can be fixed just by one touch (auto fix).

Safety Bar

Separable safety bar opened at both ends protects the baby as well as absorbing the impact in double layers.

Five-Point Harness Safety Belt

Equipped with five-point safety seat belt,it is optimal for the baby and its safety and fastens the baby firm.

Spring Suspension

Spring suspension is applied to absorb the surface impact.

Ventilated Canopy

Pleasant and fresh condition maintained for the seat and the back part of the canopy is opened for ventilation.

Mesh Sheet

Pleasant and fresh condition maintained for the seat and the backrest is made of mesh fabric.

Large Basket

Large basket that can hold objects up to 3kg.

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