Comfi - Kids Breathable Pillow

Comfi Home – Kids Breathable Pillow

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Comfi Home – Kids Breathable Pillow is a breathable pillow that is perfect for your kids!

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COMFI is an original idea solely generated in Hong Kong. The main feature of COMFI is definitely its breathable pillows and mattresses. Upholding green manufacturing concept, COMFI makes every product environmental-friendly. It emphasizes on advanced technology as well as ecological compatibility from material sourcing to making. COMFI believes that it is important to make both the sleeping environment and our living environment comfy and unpolluted. After all, green product offers a good condition to a healthy sleep.

Product Description

Comfi Home – Kids Breathable Pillow


  • A unique “X-90 Degree” 3D structure, composed of 40 support points per cm³ allows firm orthopaedic support for spinal alignment of the kid’s body. Thus enhance her physical development.
  • Perspiration and heat from body is easily dissipated with COMFI 3D Breathable Fabric™, providing a more comfortable sleep for the baby.
  • COMFI 3D Breathable Fabric™ allows air to pass through freely to reduce the risk of suffocation.
  • Washable and quick dry property allows total removable of any residue on the fabric, inhibit dust-mite infestation and bacterial growth.
  • SGS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified – no usage of any harmful substance
  • Dimension: 28cm x 50cm x 4.5cm

Additional Information


Suitable for kids from 1 to 7 years old


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