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Kareen Lai (Mums In Sync)

Kareen is a mum on a mission, to shape up the nation one mother at a time! She is so convicted in her belief that every mother has the right to live a fit, healthy & confident motherhood that she is trying so hard to share with all mothers!

Kareen founded Mums In Sync in 2013, which runs fitness and nutrition programmes to teach mothers how to love their bodies and get into tiptop shape to rock the world with renewed confidence. Because of the wonderful work she has done, she was awarded the Singapore Mumpreneur of the Year 2014.

Her story and work has been featured and shared on several media platforms, including the Straits Times, SHAPE, Mother & Baby etc…

Besides being a mum to a pair of lovely twins, she is also wife to an army officer. Kareen is a highly qualified personal trainer and has developed the Core Connection Principles™ to help postnatal mothers heal adequately after delivery. She also created the Fit Mummy Workout programme, which incorporates “Burn.Flex.Eat” in a 90min session.

As a mum who loves to whip up yummy treats for her twins, Kareen has a knack for easy and quick dishes that are palatable and nourishing to the body. She has since created at least 50 easy healthy recipes, which she shares with her network widely without reservations.

Kareen’s coaching style stems highly from her background in education. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and had taught in a prestigious college for 3 years. With a love for climbing, she is also a certified climbing instructor. To challenge the status quo and embrace new personal challenges, she participated in the Singapore Fitness Model Search 2014 and was placed 3rd as Miss Singapore Bikini Fitness 2014.

Some questions that we ask

I was firstly inspired by my own transformation journey and would like to use my story to reach out to other mums to let them know that they can regain their identities and get into tip top shape even after giving birth!

If celebrities & athletes’ stories are too unrealistic, listen to mine. I’m just like any other mum, with a pair of twins, a family to care for and work to see to. And it can be done our way!

And so I founded Mums In Sync in May 2013, with the purpose of providing a platform that allows mums to come together to support each other in the areas of health & fitness.
We are really taking baby steps to move towards that. For now, we run fitness & nutrition programmes that help mummies get into tip top shape. I am passionate about the intersection between motherhood and the health of the nation. That a mum who is empowered with the right knowledge will naturally apply the same on her children. And together, we inevitably nurture the next generation of healthy eaters & active individuals!
Working towards Shaping Up the Nation One Mother at a Time!

Mums In Sync is a fitness and nutrition programs to help get mummies in tip-top shape. In fact, we specialize in getting postnatal mummies start feeling comfortable wearing their bikinis again. It’s a uniquely designed program that works very well for mothers who had been fit before and want to continue feeling the same again. And we only work with mummies who want to regain their confident self while balancing motherhood

My vision is to have Mums In Sync become a platform where mothers can come to get trusted information and strategies regarding fitness and well-being.

Although motherhood has taken away some of my freedom and stopped me from pursuing stuff that I love (e.g. mountaineering, travel, parties and even just hanging out more often with friends), it has opened up opportunities that would never have been if I were not a mother.

The best thing about being a mumpreneur, is that you can schedule your time and work around your kids. And people understand when you say “Sorry, mummy duties calling! I gotta go pick up the kids”.

On the flip side, this can also be the factor that hinders my progress. Because I choose to strike a balance, I must constantly remind myself that I can’t go on full throttle as much as I would have loved to.

Incidentally, there is also a chapter in my book, ’18 Again’, where I shared how mummies can have it all. I talk about the ‘Superwomen Myth’. There is no way any mummy can be a superwoman and do everything on her own. But we know that there are women out there who attempt to do so. It will be most helpful to new mums if they can recognize that and reach out for help in her network in every way possible. Get everyone involved with the new addition to the family. Delegate jobs for Daddy to take up. Let him change and feed baby. Don’t get too uptight if he does not do it 100% right. Get your parents and siblings to babysit from time to time. Baby needs to get used to other babysitters before they start getting comfortable with them. That will buy you hours of time off in the future. It will also help you ease into work better when you know you know baby is in trusted care.

So I’d say learning how to prioritise and be focused on what you want to achieve is really important. And learn to recruit help and delegate work to others, so you can free up some time for yourself.

I was a teacher for 5 years. Even though I dread balancing teaching hours with baby hours, the fact is that if there had been nothing in mind that got me as excited as I had been when I was thinking about Mums In Sync, I would not have left teaching just because I wanted to “spend more time with the kids”.

Many people yearn to run their own business because they think they can have the flexibility to schedule work around their kids/ family. But without a unique business idea that can ideally be supported by a sustainable business model, leaving a full time job would be akin to being reckless, involving high opportunity costs.

I left teaching to embark on this journey because I truly sense that this business idea offers a service that is still untapped and has high unrealized potential that can be turned to endless opportunities. When there is a problem to be solved, there is opportunity! Thus my decision step into unchartered waters to start Mums In Sync.

Children model after their parents. No use sending them to classes, enrichment and activities to try and cultivate new habits, lifestyles and perspectives when you do not first embrace the same.

Start doing what you want them to, and they will naturally follow suit! Right from the beginning when they are toddlers!

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