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Jenny Wee (Nails & Brows)

Jenny Wee, our proud mother feature from Nails & Brows

Its a business by chance.  I realized that there isn’t any nail salon in my whole estate and jus so happen a space was available for let.  So I thought its a good biz opportunity.

Prioritize, schedule, set realistics expectations.  
There is a season for everything.  When its time to manage the kids, I will not focus so much on my work esp during examination time.  When examinations are over, its time to focus on work.  I don’t believe in balance. I believe in work life integration.

Do your market survey. get as much help as u can becoz u might be even busier than before.  don’t expect it will be a success immediately so perservere. Take the leap of faith!!!!!

I am a District Councillor with the SouthWest Community Development Council.

I am very active in my kids’ parent support group activities.

My shops are involved in charities too!  This year we adopted the Cerebral Palsy centre by providing a monthly free haircut.

There is no way anyone can get my full attention ALL the time and they know that.I try my best though. Scheduling a time when I switched off the phone like during meal time, before bedtime.  I also try to talk to them when I am ferrying them around and I take them out on dates with me.  

Doing their best in anything they do.

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