Shrinkx Hip Ultra

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Shrinkx Hips Ultra is the first and only wrap clinically proven to narrow hips after delivery.

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Xsmall/Small, Medium/Large

What is Shrinkx Hips Ultra

shrinkx hips ultra

Many women worry about slimming their hips after childbirth.

The Shrinkx Hips Ultra postnatal compression belt helps moms get back their pre-pregnancy hips after delivery.

Shrinkx Hips Ultra is the first and only wrap clinically proven to narrow hips after delivery.

Shrinkx Hips works thanks to the hormone Relaxin which loosens pelvic joints and ligaments for childbirth.

Relaxin stays in your system up to 8 weeks after delivery.

Wearing Shrinkx Hips during this time gently guides hips back to their pre-pregnancy position, or smaller.

How to wear

Shrinkx Hips Ultra     Shrinkx Hips Ultra

Step 1 : Center Shrinkx Hips Ultra so that the belt is below the naval and at least 2 inches below your hip bones.

Step 2 : Secure the belt tightly around your hips and straight across your buttocks.

Shrinkx Hips Ultra     Shrinkx Hips Ultra

Step 3 : Pull the attached side straps towards you until you reach the desired amount of compression. Note : Do not pull the straps so tightly that you experience discomfort. The belt should fit tightly on your hips but should not be uncomfortable. Once you have reached the desired amount of compression, secure the straps to the side of the belt.

Step 4 : Wear your Shrinkx Hips Ultra belt throughout the day, under or over your clothing. Wearing the belt at night is optional.

Sizing Guide of Shrinkx Hip Ultra

Shrinkx Hips ULTRA comes in two sizes.  The best way to determine what size you need is to measure your hips.

Take a soft measuring tape, measure your hips then refer to the chart below.

XS/S – hips 28 to 40 inches (pre-pregnancy pant size 0-8)
M/L – hips 41 to 52 inches  (pre-pregnancy pant size 10-1X)


Video of Shrinkx Hip Ultra

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Xsmall/Small, Medium/Large


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