Fedora S5 Stroller

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The amazing Fedora S5 Stroller will blow your mind away.

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Brown, Grey, Red

Why Choose Our Fedora S5 Stroller

01 Curved Mono-Frame

Mono-frame design that is shaped smooth curve helps to disperse shock and the stable triangle bottom frame can relieve the shock and vibration during a drive and provide comfortability to the baby.

02 Slim folding & Self Standing

It can be folded easily by one touch folding system, can stand on its own and can be stored anywhere as the volume is minimized.

03 High Seat Position

The high seat position that is practicable on deluxe stroller provides wider space to the baby.

Detailed View of Fedora S5 Stroller

Light weight baby stroller (6.3kg)

By high-tech development for lightweight, you can move S5 stroller with ease by a hand-carry handle.

Head cushion & inner seat

Head cushion on both sides protect the baby’s head and provide comfortable drive.

Canopy Adjustment

The length of the canopy can be adjusted according to the weather condition.

Seat Adjustment

The angle of the seat can be adjusted to any angle and position by strap type adjustment.

Adjustment Angle of Footrest

Adjustable footrest is available for fitting the baby’s growth.

Ventilative Awning

Maintaining fresh condition by opening rear part of awning as a ventilating window.

One Touch Foot Break

In view of convenience for parents, the break can be used by an easy foot control.

Swivel Lock

Control rotation of front wheel by one touch lock make safe driving in any condition of the road.

Safety Guard

The safety guard that can be taken out individually and be detached provide double protection to the baby.

5-point Safety Belt

By using the ideal 5-point safety belt that fastens the baby steadily, the baby can be protected.

Broad Shopping Basket

Large size basket that is possible to store up to 5kg.

Introduction Video of Fedora S5 Stroller

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Brown, Grey, Red



Fedora is a brand with the mind of giving gift to babies who are gifts from God. Fedora has run the Social Design system over the years. Fedora has evaluated the value of products and produced products reflecting consumers’ opinion about actual products.