Comfi Home – Playpen Mattress

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Comfi Home – Playpen Mattress is the perfect gift for your kids.

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Suitable for newborn and over

Product Description

Travel Cot Mattress with removable cover.


  • Total body support, no pressure point: A unique “X-90º” 3D construction, composed of 40 support points per cubic centimeter,this fabric allows for effective pressure release for the cervical vertebrae, effectively extending the depth of your baby sleep.
  • Dry Net Surface, High Ventilation: “X-90º”props the two side mesh, presenting dimensional hollow structure with 6 surface ventilation. This structure enables air and water to pass freely, expels sweat and moisture away, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Preventing the suffocation: A unique “X-90º” 3D construction, allow air and water to pass freely and thoroughly, reducing the chance of suffocation.
  • Washable and cleanliness: It has a uniquely washable function. Water flows through, taking away all the dirt at the same time, reducing bacteria.
  • European Standard – Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate: Ensuring all of our products are allergy free and do not contain harmful substances.
  • Dimension: 96cm x 66cm x 3.5cm

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Suitable for newborn and over


Comfi Home

COMFI is an original idea solely generated in Hong Kong. The main feature of COMFI is definitely its breathable pillows and mattresses. Upholding green manufacturing concept, COMFI makes every product environmental-friendly. It emphasizes on advanced technology as well as ecological compatibility from material sourcing to making. COMFI believes that it is important to make both the sleeping environment and our living environment comfy and unpolluted. After all, green product offers a good condition to a healthy sleep.