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Swimming Benefits



8 Great Benefits of Swimming

Many parents are letting their baby as young as one month old to swim. Here are 8 great benefits of swimming.

1. Promote the development of baby’s bones and muscles coordination

Water has buoyancy and resistance by nature. By swimming and kicking in the water, it allows baby to learn to control his or her muscles, improve physical coordination and balance, and help muscle and skeletal development. The baby is able to develop better body movements and better performance through using the products regularly.

2. Improve the baby cardiopulmonary function

When the baby is swimming in the water, there is buoyancy and water pressure to support his or her weight. Your baby is exercising his or her heart function through the swimming and kicking rhythm in the water. By doing so, it potentially helps enhancing your baby’s lung capacity and strengthening the functions of the heart and lung.

3. Improve the baby’s immune system

Swimming is a free body movement that the entire body submerging in the water. When baby is swimming inside the water, not only it promotes the blood circulation, stimulates the body growth, and improves hormonal growth, but also it helps enhancing the baby’s immune system. As a result, allergies can be reduced.

4. Stimulate the baby’s brain development

Swimming effectively promotes the baby’s brain and nerve development. It also increases the brains’ ability to respond to the outside world. As a result, it stimulates the baby’s brain development.

5. Increase the baby’s appetite and help improve gastrointestinal absorption

After the baby’s whole body is exercising in the water, the baby’s gastrointestinal hormone secretion is improved. It stimulates peristalsis and increase the absorption of food. The well absorption contributes to the baby grow and well-being.

6. Help regulating sleeping routine

Swimming causes baby to use a lot of physical strength and wears out extra energy at night. Your baby can fall asleep faster and sleep better through the night after the exercise. As parents, you can establish a regular sleeping habit for the baby.

7. Promote sensory integration

Swimming can fully utilize every muscle of the body. The water massage the baby’s body and stimulate every sense from the nervous system, promoting vision, hearing, smelling, and all other senses.

8. Promote parent – child interaction

During the process of swimming and exercising in the water, a sense of attachment between parents and children is developed naturally. Not only it helps promote parents-child emotional attachment, but also helps establishing a good relationship between the parents and child through this fun and rewarding interaction.

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